My Scars Chat Domestic Violence Event

from right to left Tina Rhachelle Nicole Jess Flo off Black Girls Inspired

From right to left Tina, Rhachelle Nicole, Jess Flo, off Black Girls Inspired

Last week-end I had the pleasures off being invited to attend an event hosted by Rhachelle Nicol . The name off the event was the My Scars Chat this was a live panel discussion that focused on Domestic Violence’s on family, children and communities. The panel discussion was between men and women and focused on mental, physical, verbal and financial abuse. The panelists were all experts on the these issues and some off them even had gone through domestic violence themselves.

All I can say is hats off to Rhachelle Nicol  for bringing more awareness to Domestic Violence in our community and hosting such an amazing event. It was very empowering to hear all the different stories these men and women shared. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when it was over. It was so amazing to see so many brave men and women open up and  express them selves with such honesty and naked truth. No one cared about what any one thought off them they just wanted to tell there story so that others could heal and have courage to walk away and get help. I have been to other events before, Cancer, HIV hosted by people that had lots off money and expensive silver wear to eat of off. But I have never seen a group of people open up like this  with so much passion and honesty. All off these people from the panelist, the poets, to the audience members were so real and full off love and devotion for this cause. I would defiantly urge any one  especially  if you live in the Las Vegas area to help support Rhachelle Nicol  Domestic Violence charity. God is really working through this women and all the people she is affiliated with.

Rodney Smith publisher  and founder of Our own Voices comforts a young women whose mother was abused by her father

Rodney Smith publisher and founder of Our own Voices comforts a young women whose mother was abused by her father

I want to thank Rhachelle for inviting me to such a life changing event. I my self was once in an abusive relationship when I was younger and never got help for the abuse that I suffered. I just got away from the man and decided not to go back. That was a long time ago and as far as I am concerned (in my south southern accent). No man better run up on me with out thinking twice (joke) but that’s  for real. I am laughing hysterically , but on a serious note after attending this event I realized that I am still harboring scares, that never fully healed. I also realized that talking about it will help release the pain.

young ladies held up signs with statistics on Domestic Violence

young ladies held up signs with statistics on Domestic Violence


Rhachelle and Leasa Mosely

Rhachelle and Leisa Moseley Politician and activist against domestic violence

IMG_2813 (1)

I also want to make special notice to what one off the panelist Leisa Moseley said during the event that was also life changing for me. Leisa stated and I quote  “No matter what you been through know your self worth”. “Whether you’ve had children before you were married, or been on public assistance, you deserve some one that will treat you right.  “A person that will love you for who you are”. Leisa’s words were so incredible to me, it was like a light  had been shut off for years in my mind and had finely been turned back on. At that moment I realized that unconsciously I had been beating my self up for being a single, teenage mother and  having children out off wed lock. I felt making these mistakes made me damaged goods. Some times It seemed as though I would never have a man like the one God intended for me to have. I felt as though I had messed up and missed my blessing. Now I know this is the reason I had been making poor choices in men. All I could say was WOW, it was an epiphany. At that moment I begin to thank the Lord for blessing me to come in to contact with people that are not only intelligent but that have WISDOM. I am not kidding you my life will never be the same after that My Scars Chat on October 19, 2013. That is why it has taken me so long to write this article because I had to make sure I found the right words to express these feelings to my readers.

With that being said in addition I want to thank every one that helped Rhachelle with this event the poets that’s spoke so eloquently about there own traumatic events.  A very special thanks to Rhachelle Nicol , she is a blogger, activist, entrepreneur, and mother. Rhachelle is also the author off Sunday Mourning a memoire written about some of the most tragic events that occurred in her life.  This young women is also the founder of RN Brand and Design  were she sells T- shirts and tanks that display her logo “I show my scars so others can heal”.  Check out Rhachelle web site and how to purchase her shirts at the links below

Jess Flo off Black girls inspired , and her daughter for watching the kids thank you girl.  Tina  A very big shout out to all the panelist Nancy Hunterton 20 years of counseling and therapy she also was on Reality TV Series, Sister Wives.  and his blog radio show . Leisa Moseley former law enforcement officer, politician, Regional Field Director for President Barack Obama, activist against Domestic Violence, and mother  publisher off her own blog Eat My Dessert first .

As you can see all the panelist were professionals with along list off accomplishments and a passion for this cause as well. If you know some one or if you your self is in an abusive relationship please get out and seek help.

I know it will be hard at first but just trust in God and each step towards freedom will be easier. – NETTAINTHEVALLEY

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”  
―     Martin Luther King Jr.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”    
―     Theodore Roosevelt


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