Fun Inexpensive Ideas for Halloween

NettaintheValley looking fabulous in my ganster suite.

NettaintheValley looking fabulous in my gangster suit.

With it being the month of October I wanted to write something to get you all inspired for your Halloween parties this year. But I also want you to get something that wont make you break the bank. Living in Las Vegas I quickly found out that people here take Halloween very serious they party here all month-long for Halloween. So it wasn’t a surprise when my good friend Renay invited me to her birthday party last week and she told me it was a 1920’s inspired dress up party. I was very excited about this birthday party because any one that knows me knows that I love playing dress up. I also love the way women looked and dress in the 1920’s – 1950’s. But as I got to thinking about what I was going to wear I came to the realization that most the women at the party would probably dress in the Flappers style. So of course me being who I am I wanted to be different and stand out. I’ll admit it I am a bit of an attention whore. So I decided to wear something completely different than the other girls, I decided I would come to the party as a sexy female gangster. It really fit me well I have a strong and over the top personality so this was just right for me.

Me with the Ladies I think the guys were jealous (just joking)

Renay is in the white looking gorgeous as always I think the guys were jealous of me (just joking)

So I immediately went out looking for an outfit and I seriously couldn’t find anything I really liked except this pin stripped gangster hat. I picked that hat up at my local Good Will her in Henderson. I was starting to get nervous because the party was just one week away and I didn’t have an outfit. So one day I was fumbling around in my closet and to my surprise I found a female pin striped suit. It was crazy it must have meant to be because everything happens for a reason. I was somewhat shocked that I had never worn this outfit before. I also wondered where I got it from. Then it came back to me Tyrone had purchased it from a thrift store for me a year prior for about $10.00 but I couldn’t fit it then.  But what do you know all that insanity I did last year must have worked because the suit fit now. It was a little tight but in a cute and sexy way just like I like it. The picture above is how it looked once It was all put together. Pure fabulousness and this just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot off money to look cute for Halloween. I think I actually spent  $15.00  that day because every thing I wore I all ready had in my closet except that hat, cigar and mascara. So this Halloween get creative, take a trip to your local Good Will, borrow from a friend or look for something you may all ready have in your closet. You may be surprised at what you will find and how fabulous it may turn out.

If I am invited to any more dress up parties which I am sure I will be. I’ll make sure I post them later for you guys to check out. Also I would like for you, my subscribers to send me pictures of what you’re wearing this Halloween and I will post them on here, Face book and my Instagram page. Send those pictures to my email  . So without further ado I will let you guys check out these pictures from Renay’s party and get inspired for your Halloween parties this year. Have a safe and happy Halloween every body and keep it cute and classy All Rightttt !!!!!

1. Pin Stripped Hat Good Will 5.99

2. Dangling silver ear rings borrowed from my friend she purchased them from boutique in Oakland CA

3. Pin Stripped suit Good Will around 10.00 bucks

4. Silver and Black Stilettos P Charlotte Russe   3 years ago 29.99

5. Cigar 5.00


Shelia and Ke Ke looking fly as all ways

Shelia and Ke Ke looking fly as all ways

Looks just like a old movie set

Looks just like a old movie set

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