Stay tuned for Rhachell Nicol Interview with Grammy Award winner Gospel Singer Le’Andria Johnson

Stay tuned for my recap on the interview with LeAndria Johnson done by my girl Las Vegas Blogger Rhachelle Nicol . Rhachelle was kind enough to let my self and several other bloggers listen in on her conference call interview with Le’Andria. At the end off the interview Rachelle let myself and the other bloggers ask Le’Andria some questions. Le’Andria was so cool and down to earth and took out time to let each one-off us ask questions. I will be posting the interview on my You Tube channel so you guys can check it out. I will also put some written content from the interview her as well so stay tuned.

Le'Andria Johnson Grammy award singer, winner off season 3 Sunday Best

Le’Andria Johnson Grammy award singer, winner off season 3 Sunday Best

Las Vegas 1st Natural Hair Care Expo Evolution Tour/ My first Event as a Blogger

The Las Vegas Bloggers Diva desert locs, Rhachelle Nicole,NettaintheValley

Solid Truth was Host for the event and also hosted an inspirational work shop

Solid Truth was Host for the event and also hosted an inspirational work shop
The beautiful Dr. JoAnn Cornwell founder off sister locks

The beautiful Dr. JoAnn Cornwell founder off sister locks

So many awesome vendors right here in Las Vegas and all over

So many awesome vendors right here in Las Vegas and all over

Gorgeous  young lady didn't get name sorry

Gorgeous young lady didn’t get name sorry

The Las Vegas Bloggers Natural Hair discussion hot topics. Our room was full to capicity, see how God work

The Las Vegas Bloggers Natural Hair discussion hot topics. Our room was full to capicity, see how God work

I was asked to be a part of the Las Vegas 1st Natural Hair Care Expo this pass week-end. It was so amazing being able to meet and network with so many wonderful and talented people. I was so excited  to be in such a wonderful place that was full of love, creativity, and spiritual awareness. If you read my mission statement then you know that this is what NettaintheValley is all about. I had the privilege off meeting so many interesting people who were down with the cause, From Dr. JoAnn Cornwell founder off sister locks to Celebrity stylist, makeup artist, bloggers, vendors, poets, actors, dancers and so many more wonderful people. I was also asked to take part off a panel/ work shop on Natural Hair with two of Las Vegas  well know bloggers Rhachelle Nicole of and Twanna of Divadesertlocs  her you tube channel is . Its was truly a privilege and blessing  working with these ladies, they had such sweet personalities and so much passion for what they do.

During our panel we talked about topics related to having natural hair, like being natural in the work place, transitioning, dealing with interracial children’s hair and so many more interesting topics. The panel was a hit if I say so my self, the topics were really good and we got so much feedback from all the wonderful people who joined us in this discussion.  Your girl Netta was also asked to be in the natural hair and fashion show. Any one that knows me knows that it is not hard for me to channel my inner Diva/ Tyra Banks.  Any way, I was asked to model hair and clothes for one of Las Vegas best Natural Hair stylist Bobbie of Raw Remedies Therapeutic Hair salon. My dress and hair was gorgeous I received so many compliments about them that I started to feel like Cinderella at the ball. Thank You Bobbie, at Raw Remedies !! Bobbie is so sweet she has such a wonderful spirit and her staff at Raw Remedies is just as creativity and wonderful as she is.  So If you are in the Las Vegas area please check them out over at Raw Remedies 203 E. Colorado ave Las Vegas NV 89104. Bobbie also sells her own natural hair products and I was told by some off the customers that frequent the establishment its like crack for the hair (joke).  You can also check them out at their face book page

As you can tell I was so excited to be a part of this show it was wonderful to see so many talented and beautiful people off-color come together and create something so positive and beautiful. I can’t wait until next year because Maleika Cooper the founder off the expo told me her self  that she would “defiantly be back next year”. I will leave you guys with some off the beautiful pictures that were taken at the Expo and I urge you if you’re in the Las Vegas area next year to please come out and join us for this fabulous event. Before I go I want to say thank you and acknowledge some of the people who helped


put this event together. First off thank you to Natural and Sassy of Las Vegas for putting on such a fabulous and ground breaking event.  I want to personally thank Marita the founder off Natural and Sassy of Las Vegas for inviting me to take part in the blogging panel and working so hard on this event. I would also like to thank my role Dog (Joke) Rachel for encouraging me to join the hair and fashion show.

Hair and dress by Bobbie of raw Remedies Therapeutic hair salon

Hair and dress by Bobbie of Raw Remedies Therapeutic hair salon

My friend Solid of Solid Truth of Solid Truth entertainments for encouragement and inspiration to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. Danielle Green whom was my first natural hair stylist right after my big chop, she’s also another great hair stylist specializing in every thing. Danielle is so knowledgeable when it comes to her craft she taught me so much about caring for natural hair. I had been relaxed for so many years that I for got how to take care off my own hair. You can find Danielle at her salon  Sola Salons 170 s. green valley pkwy ste 100 studio #31, Henderson, Nevada 89012 she’s also the founder off Curly Revolution check them out on face book at I also want to thank my friend Derrdy Jones of Derrdy Jones entertainment for helping me work my camera equipment and filming for me.  last but not least we got to thank all the wonderful talent, models, vendors, volunteers and stylist that help put all this together, you guys did an awesome job. Who ever said black people

can’t work together was a lie cause, WE DID THAT !!!!!

Las Vegas 1st Natural Hair Expo

Rachel and Marita of natural and Sassy of Las Vegas

Rachel and Marita of Natural and Sassy of Las Vegas


Black is beautiful

Black is beautiful

Solid Truth young lady on the left and Insight a local inspirational poet

Solid Truth young lady on the left and Insight a internationally known inspirational poet


Tabia author, writer, play writer

Black is beautiful

Discussion about Natural Hair

Why NettainTheValley Started Blogging

Netta  NettaIntheValley Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada

I am NettaintheValley and I want to start off by  thanking you for visiting my site. I am new to blogging so trust when I say that things here will get better. First I would like to start off by letting you know a little bit about my self. I am a 30 something year old single mother with three sons. I work in the medical field and I love helping people when they are in need. I was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri I currently reside in Las Vegas Nevada. I decided to move to Las Vegas about five years ago because I  was feed up with the crime that was going on in my neighborhood. I had been through so much in my life that I just needed a complete change. I wanted to move some were that was totally different from what I was used to. Some were I could raise my three sons and not have to worry about them becoming gang affiliated. Now don’t get me wrong there are gangs in Las Vegas just like any other major city but trust me when I say that there nothing like St. Louis. Besides we live in a very safe and family oriented neighborhood here in Nevada . At first I wasn’t for sure if Las Vegas was going to be the right place for me but I prayed about it and through conformation from the Lord I found out this is where I am supposed to be.

The reason I  started my blog is to help inspire my brothers and sisters of all races, genders and ages. I want them to believe that no matter what they’ve been through they can make what ever dreams they have a reality. I want to go out and meet people who are doing positive things with their life. I want these people to tell their stories, share their struggles and triumphs with the world so that they can be a blessing to some one else. I have meet so many talented and creative people right here in Las Vegas hidden in the desert like a beautiful jewel. My mission is to inspire people through love, creativity, art  and beauty.