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Natural Hair Meet Up Presents Double Twists & Double Dutch


Come out this Saturday May 3 at 3:00pm for the Double Twists & Double Dutch Natural Hair Meet up hosted by Natural N Sassy. Get a chance to talk to and meet other natural right here in LasVegas. We will have refreshments music by one of LasVegas best DJ Ayita. Bring your favorite products and swap with other naturals. Well share our hair journeys and get a chance to chat with me NettaintheValley and also Tamara of NaturalHairrules.com. Tamara has a wonderful natural hair website. So please if your in the LasVegas area come check is out.

Launching of A.A.M Action Against Molestation


If your in the LasVegas area on Saturday April 19 come out to the Crown Me Queen presented by Black Girls Inspired at the Boulder Station Casino to support me Nettainthevalley and my girl Rachel Newsome. We will be there giving out information and bringing awareness to a much a needed cause A.A.M which stands for Action Against Molestation. So please if you can, come out and join us there will be Food, entertainment, give aways gift bags, and net working.

Dinner in Greece


Oh my goodness it has been such a long time since I have written a post. To all my subscribers I apologize for being away for so long I have been busy with school. But don’t worry I am back now and I have some really exciting things coming up that I hope you guys will stick around to see. Ok let me start off by telling you what I did the other night. My friend Rachel called me up and invited me over to a friend’s house for a home-made Greek meal.  Rachel was very excited for me to meet her girlfriend and eat this wonderful Greek salad she makes. Rachel has been knowing the lady for about 17 years and she just knew we would hit it off.I was excited also because I have never had a home-made Greek meal before but I will try most anything at least once. Once we arrived at the women’s home I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the décor was. She lived in one-of those older homes in Las Vegas near the Stratosphere. Her home was very lovely it wasn’t like this newly renovated homes you see in the new community that all look the same. This house had character it was very warm and charming much like our host. As soon as I walked in to the house Rachel’s friend offered me red wine. I hesitated for a moment because I don’t particularly like red wine. She the then offered me a some tequila and I graciously accepted. I am not a heavy drinker but I though why not I don’t have to drive and I don’t have to work tomorrow. As I scanned the room I noticed there were four other guess in the home as well. Rachel’s friend introduced us and we sat next to them in the living room.

Up on my observation of these people I had assessed that they were educated, well-traveled and sophisticated. There were two men and two women. The men were Caucasian one about 40 and the other around 60. The women looked to be about the same age both probably in their early to mid 60. I later found out that the older man was one of the women’s husband and the other lady was a widower. I am assuming the younger gentleman was single because he never spoke of a wife. Now if you know me you know that I am the type off person that is not intimidated by people with wealth or a higher education status. Yes I have gone to school and I have met many people in my life off all different calibers. But I have never been out the country and I have been a single working mom most my life. Most people like myself would probably have been nervous meeting these folks. they probably would have assumed that they were just a snooty rich group of people.  But I love these kind of people because you can learn so much from them. I just had to get them to open up and let loose a little.



So after the usual where are you from and what made you move to Las Vegas jazz. Our host finally called every one over to eat this fabulous Greek meal that she had prepared. Our host was from the United States but her family was from Greece. I later found out the reason she made the meal was because our guess where in town visiting and she decided to cook for them. The food looked so delicious she prepared a Greek-style Baked fish, stuffed cabbage, and a Greek salad made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives, seasoned with salt and oregano, and dressed with olive oil. OMG I felt like I was in heaven the food was mouth-watering delicious. It seemed as though once everyone sat down to eat we all loosened up a bit. I don’t know if it was the food are the wine but we all begin to discuss some of my favorite topics fashion, beauty, music, and classical movies. Before you know it we were laughing, singing, eating and drinking.  During the discussion I found out our guest loved music from Motown so we put some Planters on and they begin reminiscing. I had such a wonderful time learning about the Greek culture their food the romantic Greek men. I also shared my secret with them off my dream to perform Beyoncé’s single Ladies at karaoke one day. Before I knew it our host was insisting that I have one more glass of tequila and climb on her big wood table and perform Beyoncé’s Single ladies. Don’t worry you guys the table was really heavy and thick I also took my shoes off. My friend Rachel was so happy that I hit it off with her friend. Rachel and her friend said I was the life of the party. We had a ball I even accepted an invitation to come to Greece to meet the rest off the family. So look forward to that it would be an experience of a lifetime for me. What a beautiful group of people I was so thankful to meet them. It just goes to show that a little wine and some good food can bring any one together. May be we need to bring that philosophy to the White House.

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What do y’all think about Nicki Minaj Clothing Line at Kmart

If I had assets like her then I would definitely wear all those outfits

If I had assets like her then I would definitely wear all those outfits

With Christmas being right around the corner I’ve been out the last couple off months looking for nice gifts for family and friends. Last month I walked into Kmart and I saw that Mrs. Ncki Minaj has a sexy little clothing line at Kmarts.  All though most off her clothing seem to target women in their teenage to twenties. I did see some pieces that I would probably wear my self and don’t act like y’all  forgot that Nicki is also in her thirties. Plus those cute little high wasted jeans are a must have in my collection. Look at the way she wears them in the picture above with that jacket open. I am like “really Nicki Minaj where would I wear that jacket opened without a shirt like that” without getting raped. Definitely looks good on her though she is snatched lol if you know what I mean.  Now don’t get me wrong when I first noticed her clothes I did turn my nose up and thought to my self “I know these clothes are going to be ratchet”.  But to my surprise she actually has a few cute, fun, and flirty pieces. let me tell y’all what was really funny when I was looking through the clothes two older Caucasians ladies walked pass and I heard one-off them tell the other that Nicki Minaj was that judge on American Idol. I laughed to my self at the fact that Nicki Minaj is definitely known by every one now since doing that show. But any way I was just wondering if any one else noticed these clothes and what do you guys think off them. Most off her pieces seem very flirty and fun a lot off vibrant sexy colors.  So leave me some messages and email me some looks if you girls decide to purchase them at nettainthevalley@gmail.com . I would love to post them here on my web site so that every one can see and maybe get some cute ideas. And to my sexy women out there in your thirties and forties let me know if you would wear these over the top sexy fashions.


Nicki Minaj Clothing at Kmart

Nicki Minaj Clothing at Kmart






I Spill the Tea on my week-end at the Soul Train Music Awards

Soul Train Music Awards hair done by Daria King Make up done by Mac

NettaintheValley  Soul Train Music Awards
hair done by Daria King
Make up done by Mac

Hey guys I just wanted to tell you all about my fabulous week-end at the Soul Train Music Awards. I had so much fun, I danced all night, met up with some great friends, seen and met some celebrities.  So sit back and keep reading so you can get a sip off the tea that I am about to spill.

It all started when I was emailed information by a friend on how to become a seat filler for the up and coming Soul Train Music award show presented here in Las Vegas Nevada at the Orleans Arena. So off course being that I live here in the fabulous and glamorous Las Vegas I said why not take advantage of such a great opportunity. Besides that being a blogger it would be something fun and interesting to talk about. So I filled out the information and to my surprise I got accepted for the seat fillers position. But what was even crazier was another friend emailed me and said for get about seat fillers how about trying out to be a Soul Train dancer. I was like girl what you say !!!  Y’all know your girl be channeling her inner Debbie Allen. So I was like why not you only live once and I am at this stage in my life that I feel I can do what ever I set my mind to. I am living life to the fullest and doing what I want to do. So I sent my information in and my best and most recent pictures to the Soul Train producers. And lo and behold to my surprise I Got Picked !!!! I am not a groupie by any means but it seemed fun to get dress up, get my make up done and mingle with the stars for one week-end. Besides that I love to dance and I felt this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was a little worried though because I was warned by the producers that we would be on our feet most off the show dancing. But for the Soul Train Music Awards I didn’t care if I had to cut my feet off and buy some new ones later I would. Any one that was born or grew up during the 1970’s, 80’s and part of the 90’s knows how much off an impact Soul Train and Don Cornelius had on music and hip hop culture. It doesn’t matter what race you are Soul Train could reach any generation, It was music that touched the soul. Besides that this will also be a cool story to tell my grand children when I’m older.

Well enough about me lets talk about the stars that performed that night, I did say I was spilling the tea. Well lets see while I was at the awards I saw so many celebrities, Chaka Khan , Tamar Braxton, K Michelle, the cast from Soul Food series  Nicole Ari Parker, Malinda Williams, and Vanessa A. Williams.  All the Braxton sisters including Tony, comedian Sommore, she was very beautiful in person. Doug E. Fresh and Keith Sweat both performed and rocked the house with some old school.  Chaka Khan is so beautiful  in person she lost so much weight it looks good on her. I got to get a hug from her and she was so nice. Chaka also performed and of course she tore the house down with her performance. Tracey Braxton honeyyyy, she lost so much weight and she looked amazing. Tamar Braxton did her thing she won about 3 wards she also gave a very heart-felt speech about how grateful she was for her album and her recent success. Tamar also cried as she expressed her feelings about not giving up on her dreams it was very touching. Tamar also wore this scandalous outfit y’all gone have to tune in to see it that’s all I’m going to say about that. Lets see, Ohh my girl K Michelle performed, she was ok I was a little disappointed because she didn’t do as well as I thought she would. Maybe she was tripping off Tamar hair you know they had it out about K Michelle stealing Tamar’s wig maker. Well that’s all I am giving you guys y’all going to have to tune in when the show airs for the rest. So  make sure you tune into Centric and BET Sunday Dec 1 at 8p/7c and see me get down on the Soul Train Music Awards and Oh yea check out the stars also (ha ha ha) good-bye.

NettaintheValley night out with the Stars BET after party after Soul Train Music Awards

NettaintheValley night out with the Stars BET after party after Soul Train Music Awards

BET after party got a chance to meet the legendary Doug E Fresh. He was so nice and down to earth

BET after party got a chance to meet the legendary Doug E Fresh. He was so nice and down to earth

Ran into a good friend Jennine

Ran into a good friend Jennine she be every were in Las Vegas

SocalMelisia rm

Socialite  Melissia Brim friends with my girl Jennine helped us get in some off Las Vegas most popular spots. Melissia also got us into Haze night club were she introduced me to her daughters father Floyd Mayweather. Floyd was very nice and generous I thank him for what he did for the kids that were in his boxing camp. My son was apart of it in 2010 Mayweather bought all the kids brand new Nikes, two outfits to box in and he also gave all the kids signed boxing gloves at the end of the camp.

Make sure you tune in BET and Centric Dec 1,2013 to see me get my grove on

Make sure you tune in to BET and Centric Dec 1,2013 to see me get my grove on

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My Scars Chat Domestic Violence Event

from right to left Tina Rhachelle Nicole Jess Flo off Black Girls Inspired

From right to left Tina, Rhachelle Nicole, Jess Flo, off Black Girls Inspired

Last week-end I had the pleasures off being invited to attend an event hosted by Rhachelle Nicol . The name off the event was the My Scars Chat this was a live panel discussion that focused on Domestic Violence’s on family, children and communities. The panel discussion was between men and women and focused on mental, physical, verbal and financial abuse. The panelists were all experts on the these issues and some off them even had gone through domestic violence themselves.

All I can say is hats off to Rhachelle Nicol  for bringing more awareness to Domestic Violence in our community and hosting such an amazing event. It was very empowering to hear all the different stories these men and women shared. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when it was over. It was so amazing to see so many brave men and women open up and  express them selves with such honesty and naked truth. No one cared about what any one thought off them they just wanted to tell there story so that others could heal and have courage to walk away and get help. I have been to other events before, Cancer, HIV hosted by people that had lots off money and expensive silver wear to eat of off. But I have never seen a group of people open up like this  with so much passion and honesty. All off these people from the panelist, the poets, to the audience members were so real and full off love and devotion for this cause. I would defiantly urge any one  especially  if you live in the Las Vegas area to help support Rhachelle Nicol  Domestic Violence charity. God is really working through this women and all the people she is affiliated with.

Rodney Smith publisher  and founder of Our own Voices comforts a young women whose mother was abused by her father

Rodney Smith publisher and founder of Our own Voices comforts a young women whose mother was abused by her father

I want to thank Rhachelle for inviting me to such a life changing event. I my self was once in an abusive relationship when I was younger and never got help for the abuse that I suffered. I just got away from the man and decided not to go back. That was a long time ago and as far as I am concerned (in my south southern accent). No man better run up on me with out thinking twice (joke) but that’s  for real. I am laughing hysterically , but on a serious note after attending this event I realized that I am still harboring scares, that never fully healed. I also realized that talking about it will help release the pain.

young ladies held up signs with statistics on Domestic Violence

young ladies held up signs with statistics on Domestic Violence


Rhachelle and Leasa Mosely

Rhachelle and Leisa Moseley Politician and activist against domestic violence

IMG_2813 (1)

I also want to make special notice to what one off the panelist Leisa Moseley said during the event that was also life changing for me. Leisa stated and I quote  “No matter what you been through know your self worth”. “Whether you’ve had children before you were married, or been on public assistance, you deserve some one that will treat you right.  “A person that will love you for who you are”. Leisa’s words were so incredible to me, it was like a light  had been shut off for years in my mind and had finely been turned back on. At that moment I realized that unconsciously I had been beating my self up for being a single, teenage mother and  having children out off wed lock. I felt making these mistakes made me damaged goods. Some times It seemed as though I would never have a man like the one God intended for me to have. I felt as though I had messed up and missed my blessing. Now I know this is the reason I had been making poor choices in men. All I could say was WOW, it was an epiphany. At that moment I begin to thank the Lord for blessing me to come in to contact with people that are not only intelligent but that have WISDOM. I am not kidding you my life will never be the same after that My Scars Chat on October 19, 2013. That is why it has taken me so long to write this article because I had to make sure I found the right words to express these feelings to my readers.

With that being said in addition I want to thank every one that helped Rhachelle with this event the poets that’s spoke so eloquently about there own traumatic events.  A very special thanks to Rhachelle Nicol , she is a blogger, activist, entrepreneur, and mother. Rhachelle is also the author off Sunday Mourning a memoire written about some of the most tragic events that occurred in her life.  This young women is also the founder of RN Brand and Design  were she sells T- shirts and tanks that display her logo “I show my scars so others can heal”.  Check out Rhachelle web site and how to purchase her shirts at the links below  http://rhachellenicol.com/  http://rnbranddesign.bigcartel.com/

Jess Flo off Black girls inspired https://www.facebook.com/groups/LVblackgirlsrock/ , and her daughter for watching the kids thank you girl.  Tina https://www.facebook.com/tina.trustnoone?fref=ts  A very big shout out to all the panelist Nancy Hunterton 20 years of counseling and therapy she also was on Reality TV Series, Sister Wives.

http://www.ourownvoices.com  and his blog radio show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/our-own-voices . Leisa Moseley former law enforcement officer, politician, Regional Field Director for President Barack Obama, activist against Domestic Violence, and mother http://www.actioncompanyinc.com/meet-leisa.html  publisher off her own blog Eat My Dessert first  http://www.eatmydessertfirst.com/p/in-beginning.html .

As you can see all the panelist were professionals with along list off accomplishments and a passion for this cause as well. If you know some one or if you your self is in an abusive relationship please get out and seek help.

I know it will be hard at first but just trust in God and each step towards freedom will be easier. – NETTAINTHEVALLEY

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”  
―     Martin Luther King Jr.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”    
―     Theodore Roosevelt


# the real deal

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Fun Inexpensive Ideas for Halloween

NettaintheValley looking fabulous in my ganster suite.

NettaintheValley looking fabulous in my gangster suit.

With it being the month of October I wanted to write something to get you all inspired for your Halloween parties this year. But I also want you to get something that wont make you break the bank. Living in Las Vegas I quickly found out that people here take Halloween very serious they party here all month-long for Halloween. So it wasn’t a surprise when my good friend Renay invited me to her birthday party last week and she told me it was a 1920’s inspired dress up party. I was very excited about this birthday party because any one that knows me knows that I love playing dress up. I also love the way women looked and dress in the 1920’s – 1950’s. But as I got to thinking about what I was going to wear I came to the realization that most the women at the party would probably dress in the Flappers style. So of course me being who I am I wanted to be different and stand out. I’ll admit it I am a bit of an attention whore. So I decided to wear something completely different than the other girls, I decided I would come to the party as a sexy female gangster. It really fit me well I have a strong and over the top personality so this was just right for me.

Me with the Ladies I think the guys were jealous (just joking)

Renay is in the white looking gorgeous as always I think the guys were jealous of me (just joking)

So I immediately went out looking for an outfit and I seriously couldn’t find anything I really liked except this pin stripped gangster hat. I picked that hat up at my local Good Will her in Henderson. I was starting to get nervous because the party was just one week away and I didn’t have an outfit. So one day I was fumbling around in my closet and to my surprise I found a female pin striped suit. It was crazy it must have meant to be because everything happens for a reason. I was somewhat shocked that I had never worn this outfit before. I also wondered where I got it from. Then it came back to me Tyrone had purchased it from a thrift store for me a year prior for about $10.00 but I couldn’t fit it then.  But what do you know all that insanity I did last year must have worked because the suit fit now. It was a little tight but in a cute and sexy way just like I like it. The picture above is how it looked once It was all put together. Pure fabulousness and this just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot off money to look cute for Halloween. I think I actually spent  $15.00  that day because every thing I wore I all ready had in my closet except that hat, cigar and mascara. So this Halloween get creative, take a trip to your local Good Will, borrow from a friend or look for something you may all ready have in your closet. You may be surprised at what you will find and how fabulous it may turn out.

If I am invited to any more dress up parties which I am sure I will be. I’ll make sure I post them later for you guys to check out. Also I would like for you, my subscribers to send me pictures of what you’re wearing this Halloween and I will post them on here, Face book and my Instagram page. Send those pictures to my email nettainthevalley@gmail.com  . So without further ado I will let you guys check out these pictures from Renay’s party and get inspired for your Halloween parties this year. Have a safe and happy Halloween every body and keep it cute and classy All Rightttt !!!!!

1. Pin Stripped Hat Good Will 5.99

2. Dangling silver ear rings borrowed from my friend she purchased them from boutique in Oakland CA

3. Pin Stripped suit Good Will around 10.00 bucks

4. Silver and Black Stilettos P Charlotte Russe   3 years ago 29.99

5. Cigar 5.00


Shelia and Ke Ke looking fly as all ways

Shelia and Ke Ke looking fly as all ways

Looks just like a old movie set

Looks just like a old movie set

Stay tuned for Rhachell Nicol Interview with Grammy Award winner Gospel Singer Le’Andria Johnson

Stay tuned for my recap on the interview with LeAndria Johnson done by my girl Las Vegas Blogger Rhachelle Nicol . Rhachelle was kind enough to let my self and several other bloggers listen in on her conference call interview with Le’Andria. At the end off the interview Rachelle let myself and the other bloggers ask Le’Andria some questions. Le’Andria was so cool and down to earth and took out time to let each one-off us ask questions. I will be posting the interview on my You Tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/nettaNDAvalley so you guys can check it out. I will also put some written content from the interview her as well so stay tuned.

Le'Andria Johnson Grammy award singer, winner off season 3 Sunday Best

Le’Andria Johnson Grammy award singer, winner off season 3 Sunday Best